Introducing G-I-F-T

God wants to give you and the children you love a gift.  It is the gift of a deep and lasting relationship.  It is the gift of growing in faith together.

Messiah’s Faith Formation Team invites you to come to share the GIFT with your children and others at Messiah.  If you do not have children in your own home, we invite you to come to share the GIFT as a child of God with other children of God.

Gift is not Sunday School.  GIFT is a way to support parents, grandparents, and godparents in bringing simple practices of Christian faith into the daily lives of their loved ones.

We are not asking parents to be Sunday School teachers.  Instead, we will teach parents to be teachers of your own children – every day, at home, in ways that work even in your very busy lives.

Sunday GIFT will give you and your children, godchildren, or grandchildren

  • a loving Community of faith with people who get to know you and your children
  • a special, unhurried time to be together once a week
  • a weekly opportunity to practice the Faith 5 that you bring back home
  • a way to discover the GIFT of the Gospel talking to you.

Sunday GIFT will take place from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. in Messiah’s fellowship hall around tables, and in the activity corner.